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    Madeira is known by numerous beautiful waterfalls, so in case you ever find yourself visiting the island, seeing at least one waterfall is a must! Tripadvisor is a good place to search info about different waterfall hikes and tours. You will find everything there, from hike duration , to difficulty, options for guided tours etc., so in case you don’t know which waterfall to choose, Tripadvisor is the answer. Visiting the “25 Fontes Waterfall” is one of the best memories I have from Madeira. It’s also one of the most known waterfalls in Madeira, therefore it can get really crowded there as well. Taking this into consideration, we intentionally chose…

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    After spending a whole week at the seaside, it was time to say goodbye to the beachlife. I must admit we weren’t too thrilled about it and I had second thoughts about leaving the beach life behind. I said to myself “We should have extended our stay at the seaside instead of  visiting Sintra”. But it soon cleared up I was wrong. Arriving to Sintra  can be a stressful experience, no matter what form of transportation you use. Sintra is a small town in the middle of woods and mountains. All streets are narrow, steep and many of them are one-way streets. Also keep in mind Sintra is one of the top tourist…

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    Copenhagen part 2

    Have you ever experienced a situation where you travel somewhere with certain expectations, and when you arrive to your destination everything is even hundred times better than you expected? That’s how it was with our trip to Copenhagen. After the surprise with our airbnb, which turned out to be super awesome, there was another pleasant surprise waiting for us – the weather. What are the odds of having warm sunny days in Copenhagen in September? And if so, there might be a sunny day or two, but not the whole week. The weather was unbelievable, sunny and warm all week long. It was like winning the lottery haha! Our apartment was located  within a…