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    It took half a day for us to  pass over to a completely different state of mind – “Italian state of mind”. You can imagine this was not a hard thing to do when being surrounded by beautiful landscape, amazing food, tasty wine and italian language. We enjoyed every bite of this “italian paradise” and took it slowly. Looking back I am really glad we took enough time for everything we did, there was no rush and no “I want to see too much in one day” attitude. We took our time to eat, to actually enjoy the food, took time to explore the coast and most importantly – took time…

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    Italy is definitely one of my favourite and most beautiful countries in Europe. Two months ago we travelled to the capital of Italy, Rome ( you can read more about our trip to Rome  here and here ) and now we decided to explore Italy some more. This time I went with my family, as my better half was not able to go because of his job. Our first stop was San Marino, which is a tiny state within Italy. I have never been to San Marino before and it was about time I add another country to my “countries I have visited” list.  Based on Google images San Marino is very beautiful and unique,…

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    Recently my mom celebrated her birthday and this year I wanted to surprise her with something special, something she would always remember. She wanted to go hiking to Val Rosandra for a few years now, but never managed to realise those plans. So I came up with the idea of surprising her and take her hiking. Val Rosandra is a valley, or rather gorge, just a few kilometres from Trieste. It is located near the border between Slovenia and Italy, but it’s still on Italian side. You can find various hiking trails and basically choose the length and difficulty of the trail. There are  also a lot of options to…