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    This year we’ve decided to celebrate my birthday in a bit different way – exploring Kozjansko. As a result of a current pandemic other countires are not as accessible as usual, which gives us the perfect reason to explore our homeland. Kozjansko is a bit far from where we live and we did not want to visit some typical destination for a daily trip like Piran etc. (don’t get me wrong I love Piran and similar places, we just wanted something new). Even though we’ve decided to visit Kozjansko pretty spontaneously and last minute, now looking back, it’s a pretty great daily trip. That’s why I have decided to share…

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    It’s been a minute since my last post, but since it is summer and many of you are on vacation, I figured why not have a mini break from the blog myself? And that’s exactly what I did, plus we went on a camping trip to Croatia – but more about that in one of my following posts, I promise! From now on my posts will be more regular again, new post every week (or at least I will try to keep up with that schedule). So you wanna know how my summer’s going? It’s going really well actually, flying by so fast as per usual. On free-working days we…

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    There it is – a Christmas themed post! I can honestly say that December is my favourite month. I am that kind of a person who puts all of the Christmas ornaments, lights and tree out in the very beginning of December. I love every single thing about it – the Christmas mood, Christmas markets, cheesy songs, the lights, wrapping presents and so on. And on the first of December I decide that it’s my favourite month and I am going to enjoy it and nothing and no one can dissuade me from it. I am also aware how annoying that must sound for someone who does not like December…

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    I am finally back with another post. It’s been a minute since my last post and usually I would say I had so much work with uni and so on – but this time this wasn’t the case. This time I can openly say I was inactive not because of work, but because fot the past two months I’ve been having the  time of my life. I was travelling a ton. I flew to USA at the end of September, then spent a week in a cabin in Pokljuka and at the end of October I took a trip to Belgium. Oh and meanwhile, I went back to uni. So…

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    Roadtrip to the most picturesque coastal town in Slovenia – Piran

    Last weekend we decided to go on a spontaneous roadtrip to the  beautiful Slovenian coastal town – Piran. The weather was warm and sunny and even though it was end of February, it already felt like spring. I’ve decided  to abstain from my rambling, so that post will be more focused on moments caught by camera. Let the photos speak for themselves. .