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    Tuscany diaries: Heading up North

    After five days spent in the heart of Tuscany, beneath green hills, vineyards and authentic villages, we packed our bags and headed up North. After a two hour drive our first stop was Pisa. Everytime we visit Pisa, we get the same impression. At least for us Pisa is quite hideous city with the majestic architecture. As soon as you find a parking spot (you need to be lucky and have a lot of patience), you have to deal with Africans and other refugees trying to sell you things like bracelets etc. At first they play it nice, but as soon as they realize you are not going to buy anything from…

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    Tuscany diaries : Endless vineyards

    As I said before visiting cities like Florence, Siena and Pisa when in Tuscany is a must, but the real joy begins when you go on a roadtrip with no particular destination. All you need is a map of region so you don’t get lost completely, a good camera, some food and drinks, good playlist, full tank and you are good to go. That’s what we do everytime we come to Tuscany. Spontaneous roadtripping became our tradition, so of course we had to do it this year too. We drove through endless hills and vineyards of Chanti region and searched for some good composition to take photos. The best thing…

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    Tuscany diaries : A home away from home

    At the end of April we spent a week in Tuscany. Before we left I got asked quite frequently „Don’t you get bored of going there so many times at some point?”I feel like I have to say that this year it’s been my fourth time going to Tuscany. And my answer was always the same: „No, not at all.“ Tuscany is my so-called “happy place”, and it feels like home away from home. And by all that I’m not saying this just beacuse it’s really beautiful there, what makes it so special for me is a mood I get into, when I’m there. It’s the whole mindset that becomes…