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    Hoping it’s not the end of the winter and praying for some more snow in the near future, I decided to share some photos of days spent in the snow. Sadly there weren’t many this year (yet), but those few were great! We ended up taking quite a few photos, enough for entire blog post, so here I am sharing them with you. Photos were taken in the begining of January, when woods were full of fresh snow and everything was so beautiful. In my opinion winter is second most beautiful season (if there is snow!), right after autumn of course! What do you think about it? I will let…

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    Well it’s the middle of March and this winter just doesn’t want to be over. As much as I enjoy the arrival of spring, I can’t say I didn’t like this year’s a bit longer winter. In the given circumstances, we decided to exploit the snow to the fullest and headed hiking to Velika planina.  I can openly say this was one of this winter’s top hikes. The weather was very changeable throughout the day, which was a plus, therefore we were almost alone up there. One second it was warm and sunny and a few minutes later it was foggy, windy and freezing cold. Every time we would stop…

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    This winter had been amazing regarding to the time we got to spend in the snow. We are lucky enough to live nearby mountains and during the winter there is constantly some snow  (well, most of the time). So in tribute to this year’s numerous  trips to the snowy woods, I thought I would collect some of the captured “moments of joy” and share them with you.                                           As you may notice I’ve been trying out some new editing presets on pictures, so let me know which ones you like…