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    Netherlands Countryside Bound

    So here we are continuing our “Netherlands series”. The original plan was to visit exclusively Amsterdam, but as soon as we started to plan things out, everything has changed. Amsterdam has been on our bucket list for quite some time and so was the Netherlands countryside, so we thought “why not combine these two in one trip?”.  Luckily we do agree on most things and we agreed on this one as well. So there it was – another spontaneous decision which turned out to be great! We took a train so we could see as much of a countryside as possible. The train was fast, modern, quiet and well ….…

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    Amsterdam Botanical Gardens

    When travelling to a city, I always tend to visit botanical gardens. My obsession with visiting different gardens all over the World, has now become a tradition. And why am I suddenly writing in singular, not plural? Well, I have to admit something – my lovely boyfriend/travel-buddy is not too excited, when it comes to plants and trees.  And I really can’t blame him for that. Even though we’ve travelled so much together, we still have our differences – from time to time we still want to go or do different things. You find yourself in a situation when one of you has to adapt. And that’s  a key to…

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    Amsterdam has been on our bucket list for quite some time and as soon as we found a reasonably priced plane tickets – we booked them, of course! What else would you expect? We found a cute apartment to stay in and that just made the whole trip even better. It was located near the tram station so our daily rides to the city centre were short and highly accessable. Extra points for Amsterdam (haha)!   Amsterdam being itself – crowded, smoky (no, the smoke I mean does not come from chimneys) and loud can be tiring, so staying in the apartment located in a very quiet, family-friendly neighborhood was what…