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    If there was something I really loved about Lisbon, it were views over the city.  The first specatular view over Lisbon was through the plane window as we were landing. It was really special , just as the city would like to welcome us.   There are so many beautiful viewing points in Lisbon, it’s hard to overlook them. Practically every top of a hill gives you an incredible view over a certain part of a city. We haven’t been looking for them at all, but found them by chance as a result of wandering the streets amilessly.   ž   The only one we didn’t find by chance was visiting…

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      The real reason behind taking me so long to write the first Portugal blog post was some kind of a blockade in my brain. I have so many pictures it’s actually insane and I had to figure out how I want to organize blog posts – so everything actually makes sense to my readers. I could not bring myself on doing that for quite some time. This very current post is named “The streets of Lisbon”. In this particular post I want to show you the diversity, colorfulness and peculiarity of Lisbon, which reflects in daily life. Lisbon. Hot. Crowded. Narrow streets. Old houses and buildings covered with tiles…