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    Exploring the Slovenian Karst

    The last few months I haven’t been travelling abroad and as devastating as it sounds – it also had it’s positive sides. And one of them was discovering Slovenia. Recently, we did some spontaneous roadtrips through Slovenia and I have to say we were very impressed. Karst (Kras) is a region (in Slovenia) I’m not very familliar with. I went there a couple of times, but I felt like I haven’t seen much. That’s how last week we decided to do some exploring in Karst. First stop was the beautiful Lipica. Lipica is a famous Slovenian stud farm, most known by it’s white Lipizzaner horses. We took a long walk through the park and watched…

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    Roadtrip to the most picturesque coastal town in Slovenia – Piran

    Last weekend we decided to go on a spontaneous roadtrip to the  beautiful Slovenian coastal town – Piran. The weather was warm and sunny and even though it was end of February, it already felt like spring. I’ve decided  to abstain from my rambling, so that post will be more focused on moments caught by camera. Let the photos speak for themselves. .

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    Trip to a beautiful natural Reserve – Zelenci

    For the last week or so, the weather has been really good to us. It’s been cold but we have a chance to enjoy the sun almost every day. December is one of my favourite months and when it comes to Christmas I am always way too excited for everything that comes with it. On the first of December I start to feel christmasy and nothing can beat that. Even though we are almost half way through December, there’s still no sign of snow. Usually I like snow because it deffinitely plays a role in my “happy December mood”. God, I’m being really cheesy, but that’s just how I feel. I told…

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    Halloween in the Mountains

    We spent our last day of October driving up to the mountains. It was foggy in the valley, but as soon as we were half way to the top, the fog began to mix with sunbeams. After a few more minutes, there was nothing left but sunny blue sky. There is something magical about going to the mountains in autumn. I guess that’s because of all those vivid colours. It was Haloween and everyone was posting pictures of themselves in their Halloween costumes. Me and my boyfriend ignored the whole “Halloween thing”, went to the mountains and decided to post some mountains pictures instead haha. Some people find it funny, but I…

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    Copenhagen part 2

    Have you ever experienced a situation where you travel somewhere with certain expectations, and when you arrive to your destination everything is even hundred times better than you expected? That’s how it was with our trip to Copenhagen. After the surprise with our airbnb, which turned out to be super awesome, there was another pleasant surprise waiting for us – the weather. What are the odds of having warm sunny days in Copenhagen in September? And if so, there might be a sunny day or two, but not the whole week. The weather was unbelievable, sunny and warm all week long. It was like winning the lottery haha! Our apartment was located  within a…