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    Well, it’s been a while and I am finally back with a new blog post. This summer has been my busiest so far and I could not find time or motivation to write. Sitting behind computer for so many hours every day work-wise, definitely added to my reluctance to stay there any longer than necessary. That’s my excuse for being absent here, whether you like it or not. But more importantly I am back and ready to share some new adventures with you (and some old ones – I know I still owe you a bunch of posts and photos from Azores and they are coming!) So as I said…

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    Berlin was definitely a “cherry on top” to our summer 2016’s travel adventures. After a month in USA and a week in Copenhagen and Stockholm, we decided to travel some more. This was a very last-minute booked trip, just before the first semester of my Master’s programme started. Why Berlin? – you ask me. Well ever since visiting it for the first time ( in december 2014) we wanted to go back, and second of all – because plane tickets were ridiculously cheap. Seeing Berlin in Christmas time was something special, but a “septemberish” Berlin also had it’s charms. We were really unlucky when visiting the West side gallery. There…