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    If you ever visit Dolomites, Lago di Sorapis is another must see thing! To be honest every day spent in the Dolomites was amazing, but the day we hiked to Lago di Sorapis was my favourite. Why? Keep on reading. We left our car not far from the Misurina passo and headed to the lake. The day before, when we hiked around Tre Cime di Lavredo (read more about it here ) the weather was sunny and surprisingly warm regarding the altitude. Most of the hike all we wore was a t-shirt. On the day of visitng Lago di Sorapis the weather was even better, crystal clear skies, not a single cloud, but it got…

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    One of the main activities you’d want to do when visiting Dolomites , is definitely a walk around Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Tre Cime are three peaks and they are probably one of the most known and iconic peaks in Dolomites. You can recognize them by the distinctive shape. There is a fee you need to pay entering the Tre Cime National Park. You pay a car rate which is quite expensive (around 30€), but well worth it at the end. You park your car on the huge parking lot at the foot of the Tre Cime, on the elevation of 2333 metres. From the parking there are numerous hiking…

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    Last week we made a road trip through Italian Dolomites, Lake Como, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and through Austria returned back to Slovenia. And how we got the idea to make road trip through those places? Well, we both wanted to visit Dolomites, I wanted to go to Lake Como for a few years now and he’s already been to Switzerland but wanted to take me there as well. That’s basically how our road trip itinerary was made. On the day of our departure, the weather was really bad. It was raining at home, as we packed our car and let me tell you the whole thing was far from being motivating.…