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    Roadtrip to the most picturesque coastal town in Slovenia – Piran

    Last weekend we decided to go on a spontaneous roadtrip to the  beautiful Slovenian coastal town – Piran. The weather was warm and sunny and even though it was end of February, it already felt like spring. I’ve decided  to abstain from my rambling, so that post will be more focused on moments caught by camera. Let the photos speak for themselves. . Advertisements

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    Halloween in the Mountains

    We spent our last day of October driving up to the mountains. It was foggy in the valley, but as soon as we were half way to the top, the fog began to mix with sunbeams. After a few more minutes, there was nothing left but sunny blue sky. There is something magical about going to the mountains in autumn. I guess that’s because of all those vivid colours. It was Haloween and everyone was posting pictures of themselves in their Halloween costumes. Me and my boyfriend ignored the whole “Halloween thing”, went to the mountains and decided to post some mountains pictures instead haha. Some people find it funny, but I…

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    Tourists in our hometown

    We had no plans for this past sunday so we decided to go somewhere and spend a nice sunday tohether. None of us felt like driving somewhere too far and the weather wasn’t very promising either. So we ended up staying in Ljubljana, pretending we are here on a vacation. We left our apartment and walked all the way to park Tivoli, where we grabbed a coffee at the Café situated in the middle of the park. Despite the fact that we don’t go there very often, the surrounding and the atmosphere there are so different it wasn’t hard to pretend we’re somewhere on vacation. While we drank our coffee the sun came…