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    Zgornje Jezersko is probably one of the most popular places to go during weekends. It’s a nice place to bike around, or just take a walk and get lost in the nature. It was one of those saturdays in Ljubljana, when it was still early in the morning but you could already feel the strength of the sun. I could tell  that temperatures during the day will be pretty high.  As much we like staying in Ljubljana on weekends, that particular day, we wanted something different. And by now I am sure you all know “our road trip drill” : decided where to drive in 5 minutes, dressed ourselves, packed…

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    Amsterdam Botanical Gardens

    When travelling to a city, I always tend to visit botanical gardens. My obsession with visiting different gardens all over the World, has now become a tradition. And why am I suddenly writing in singular, not plural? Well, I have to admit something – my lovely boyfriend/travel-buddy is not too excited, when it comes to plants and trees.  And I really can’t blame him for that. Even though we’ve travelled so much together, we still have our differences – from time to time we still want to go or do different things. You find yourself in a situation when one of you has to adapt. And that’s  a key to…

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    Exploring the Slovenian Karst

    The last few months I haven’t been travelling abroad and as devastating as it sounds – it also had it’s positive sides. And one of them was discovering Slovenia. Recently, we did some spontaneous roadtrips through Slovenia and I have to say we were very impressed. Karst (Kras) is a region (in Slovenia) I’m not very familliar with. I went there a couple of times, but I felt like I haven’t seen much. That’s how last week we decided to do some exploring in Karst. First stop was the beautiful Lipica. Lipica is a famous Slovenian stud farm, most known by it’s white Lipizzaner horses. We took a long walk through the park and watched…