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    Copenhagen part 2

    Have you ever experienced a situation where you travel somewhere with certain expectations, and when you arrive to your destination everything is even hundred times better than you expected? That’s how it was with our trip to Copenhagen. After the surprise with our airbnb, which turned out to be super awesome, there was another pleasant surprise waiting for us – the weather. What are the odds of having warm sunny days in Copenhagen in September? And if so, there might be a sunny day or two, but not the whole week. The weather was unbelievable, sunny and warm all week long. It was like winning the lottery haha! Our apartment was located  within a…

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    Copenhagen: 3 medals won at World Masters Rowing Regatta and the amazing airbnb

    My boyfriend and his friend were participating in World Masters Rowing Regatta, which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. At first they were only talking about it, but soon they’ve decided they really want to go and compete. Regatta was at the beginning of September, so they still had enough time to prepare themselves. Copenhagen is one of my favourite cities in Europe. I’ve been there two years ago and fell in love with Denmark, so I wanted to go back at some point. And there it was, an unexpected opportunity to go back and explore Denmark again. They were kind enough to take me with them, as a moral support (haha!). It’s…