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    Since it has been a while we have travelled together, just the two of us, we decided to end this year with a nice city break, put ourselves in “December” mood, visit Christmas markets and have a good time. As funny as it sounds, we were both a bit sick of planes, airports and everything that comes with it, so we really wanted to go somewhere that is within a driving distance, we decided to visit Vienna, the capital of Austria. Vienna, was our first “December” getaway, 6 years ago and we thought it was time to make some new memories there. We have both been to Vienna a couple…

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    There it is – a Christmas themed post! I can honestly say that December is my favourite month. I am that kind of a person who puts all of the Christmas ornaments, lights and tree out in the very beginning of December. I love every single thing about it – the Christmas mood, Christmas markets, cheesy songs, the lights, wrapping presents and so on. And on the first of December I decide that it’s my favourite month and I am going to enjoy it and nothing and no one can dissuade me from it. I am also aware how annoying that must sound for someone who does not like December…