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    Chicago part II

    So here’s the thing about Chicago: Despite the fact that it is just a city, it is one of the most diverse cities in the US. We spent  whole week in Chicago and there were still things to do and spots to see. For me visiting a city usually means staying there around 2-5 days (depends), and at the end of my visit I feel like I’ve seen the majority of it’s attributes (of course you never see EVERYTHING, but I think you get the point). But we spent there 8 days straight and I swear – it still wasn’t enough (at least for me haha). My favourite part of Chicago was…

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    USA DIARIES: Chicago

    First I needed a few days to process all of the info from our trip, all memories and feelings and sort them into the right place in my head and heart. Now that I know at least where I’ve been (haha) and what I’ve seen in one month of travelling, I can finally write about it. Well, we’ll see about that. Chicago was always special to me and I’ve been dying to go there for a long time. I don’t really know how to put this, but let’s say I used to know a (special) person who lived there. That was years ago. Ever since, it’s always been everything about Chicago. This might…