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    Since it has been a while we have travelled together, just the two of us, we decided to end this year with a nice city break, put ourselves in “December” mood, visit Christmas markets and have a good time. As funny as it sounds, we were both a bit sick of planes, airports and everything that comes with it, so we really wanted to go somewhere that is within a driving distance, we decided to visit Vienna, the capital of Austria. Vienna, was our first “December” getaway, 6 years ago and we thought it was time to make some new memories there. We have both been to Vienna a couple…

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    It was a weekend after I have finished all exams at uni and nothing felt better than starting my summer vacation with another daily trip.  We’ve been on many roadtrips lately, so we considered we want this one to be a bit different. We spiced up our trip by driving from home not knowing our destination. Our motto of the day was called “Go wherever the road takes you”. And so the road lead us towards Italy. After stopping for a coffee in Tarvisio, we continued with our roadtrip to the “unknown destination”. While driving through a small town called Pontebba, we came across a signpost “Nassfeld”. That caught our eyes…

  • daily trips

    Spring roadtrip series – Austria

    Continuing our road trip series – this time we decided to drive to Austria , to be more precise – to Klagenfurt and then to Wörthersee. We decided to capture spring in it’s fullest form. The common theme of this daily trip were blooming trees, since they were everywhere. Our so called “blooming tree hunt” began in Klagenfurt. Just in the middle of our “morning idyll”, which was drinking coffee on the main square and enjoying the sun, I realized I had left my camera at home. I was sure I had brought it to the car, but I must have forgotten it somewhere halfway. So I had to improvise and…