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    Italy is definitely one of my favourite and most beautiful countries in Europe. Two months ago we travelled to the capital of Italy, Rome ( you can read more about our trip to Rome  here and here ) and now we decided to explore Italy some more. This time I went with my family, as my better half was not able to go because of his job. Our first stop was San Marino, which is a tiny state within Italy. I have never been to San Marino before and it was about time I add another country to my “countries I have visited” list.  Based on Google images San Marino is very beautiful and unique,…

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    Booking this trip looked something like this : having coffee with my friend Katarina, as she randomly scrolled through her phone and saw some cheap flights to Rome. The next thing I know we were all enthusiastic about taking our boyfriends to Rome for Valentine’s day. And half a day later it became official : tickets were booked and we were going to Rome, on a double date haha! To be honest it wasn’t even the whole V-day thing because we never really celebrate it, but by coincidence tickets to Rome were really cheap on those dates. Moreover it sounded really good, when someone asked me what our plans for…

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    It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve returned from United States and it was time to pack my bags again! This time I traveled to Belgium with my girl friends and the main reason behind this trip was visiting another friend who studies in Ghent. On our way to the aiport the weather looked perfect – it was all just a clear blue sky. I remember one of us saying “What a beautiful day for flying” and the rest of us agreed. Later on it turned out we were wrong. It was windy as hell and I’ve flown (relatively) many times, but I’ve never experienced such a bad turbulence aboard. There…

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    Amsterdam has been on our bucket list for quite some time and as soon as we found a reasonably priced plane tickets – we booked them, of course! What else would you expect? We found a cute apartment to stay in and that just made the whole trip even better. It was located near the tram station so our daily rides to the city centre were short and highly accessable. Extra points for Amsterdam (haha)!   Amsterdam being itself – crowded, smoky (no, the smoke I mean does not come from chimneys) and loud can be tiring, so staying in the apartment located in a very quiet, family-friendly neighborhood was what…

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    Roadtrip to the most picturesque coastal town in Slovenia – Piran

    Last weekend we decided to go on a spontaneous roadtrip to the  beautiful Slovenian coastal town – Piran. The weather was warm and sunny and even though it was end of February, it already felt like spring. I’ve decided  to abstain from my rambling, so that post will be more focused on moments caught by camera. Let the photos speak for themselves. .