I know I’ve been very MIA here lately. I haven’t posted anything since the beginning of the summer. Why? I guess I kept my mind occupied with so many other things that it didn’t even came to writing. Actually I wrote this post you’re about to read a week or two after we’d returned home and until then … nothing. No writing whatsoever.

It might be the fact that my job requires a lot of expression, explaining things to patients, writing guidelines…basically I express myself there in many different ways, which I love, but I guess when I express myself enough on a different field, I don’t have that much of a need to do it even more – here on the blog.

Let’s just say I’ve had a bit of a summer break from the blog and now I am back with many more posts I still have to share with you.

That had to be said, now to the actual “Portugal” post.

Uh, where to begin?
Our trip to Portugal was kind of different from other travels we did. Well, of course every trip is
different in a way, but this one was impacted by Covid situation.

We decided to return to Portugal for the third time, just because it is very special to us and we love it so much. We knew we risk a lot, because we had no idea what the situation regarding Covid would be, since it changed every few days. Therefore we booked plane tickets with flexible dates, in case something would go wrong. Thank God for flexible tickets haha. You’ll soon know why.

Going there, everything was quite normal, everything was as planned, so we flew to Lisbon and stayed there for a few days. Than we move further and did some road tripping. Our final destination was Algarve, where we spent few days by the sea. Until one beautiful morning.

We had just retured from the morning swim and my husband decided to check online whether something’s changed regarding the Covid situation. THANK GOD, he checked the updates often. What he read at first felt like a slap in the face: suddenly transit from Portugal through Germany was not possible. Without any warnings, just like that!

And guess what- of course we had a connecting flight through Germany. Now, that was rather
unexpected! One moment we were at the beach enjoying the sun and next moment we were in a hotel room feverishly looking for a next available flight home. We only had one day left to get back home, until our flight through Germany was not possible anymore. Now the flexible tickets came in handy.

We were able to book the last flight back home with some small extra charges. Thank god, otherwise we’d be out on the limb, with no flight back home and searching for a new one through some different country that allowed transit from Portugal.

That meant we had to pack our bags and leave the hotel for 4 hour drive back to Lisbon, book another hotel there to spent the night, return the car and try to get some money back from hotel in Algarve and car rental. That was not the way we thought we’d spend the day but it all went surprisingly well. The next morning we were at the airport at 3am in the morning and were very “pleasantly” surprised by 200metres long waiting line for check in. So many people at 3 in the morning, that’s in the middle of the night?! We came to the aiport 3 hours before our flight and thank god we did, we’d miss our flight for sure if we didn’t.

We lost 3 days of vacation, but thankfully got home on time, healthy and with no unexpected
expenses, it was all good at the end and we bought ourselves 3 days of vacation in Lake Bled instead haha.


Stressful, many things can go wrong, long waiting lines at the aiport and last but not least- some unexpected expenses. Those are some things you have to count on if you decide to travel in this time. Of course a lot differs from country to country so the main thing you have to do it to be well informed about the specific country restrictions and safety measures.

We both knew what we’re getting into, and I think we handled the situation really well. We still had an amazing time, there were very few tourists in Portugal and we had many main attractions to ourselves. That was a big bonus.

Otherwise Portugal is very strict regaring safety measures, mask must be worn at all times, also
outside. You need the negative PCR test when entering Portugal, even if you are fully vaccinated (that was the situation in June).

It was definitely something diferent, something we’ve never experienced before. Some common people’s reactions when we told them what happened was »Why did you even go there?«, »For me this is not a vacation« »This would be too stresfull for me«.
Well for us, it was some kind of approval that we function so well together, and that we can handle stresfull unexpected turns very calmly. This was very dear to us because we knew all the travels we did, from the very begining, all the mistakes we did, brought us to who we are today and taught us how to handle situations when things don’t go as planned.

This was one true adventure and I can’t wait for many more. I will definitely make some other posts from this trip so stay tuned for that. But will not repeat myself, because I said we’ve been to Portugal before so you can find many blog posts from Portugal on my blog already.

So, I promise I will be back very soon to share some more.

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