I am fiiiiiinaly back with another blog post from the Azores series. The one I still owe you.  It’s actually about one of our favourite places in Sao Miguel island, so I am asking myself why I haven’t shared it here yet. Better late than never, I guess.

I was in a bit strange mood this previous week. Strange – in a good way. A mixture of tired, but feeling very accomplished and content at the same time. This spring was long and cold and I had many goals to accomplish and I can finally say I did the most of them. I feel like now we’re in for a lighter ride, at least for the summer. I’m also beyond excited because we have just booked us a really cool trip in the middle of June.

Enough rambling, let’s dig into the post.

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years sice our trip to Azores, but on the other hand it feels like eternity, when everything was still normal – travel wise.

Sete Cidades is one of the most famous places in Sao Miguel island. It’s a twin lake (fun fact: one lake is blue, and the other is green) surrounded by forested cliffs, which make a superb walking trail around the lakes.

We had one whole day reserved for this spectacular walk/hike or however you want to call it. It’s a mixture of both haha. Since this is one of the top attractions of the island expect it to be crowded, at least on the parking spot and on one famous viewing point. Some people only come for the viewing point, I’d say less than half of them bounds on a longer walk as we did.

I don’t know why exactly but the day we were there there werent’t as many people as we’d expected, and when we walked further from the starting point we were suddenly alone, which was amazing.

There was one downside of the whole experience – it was windy as hell! Wind in Azores is something totally normal, but it was really windy. We were prepared for that and had windproof clothes, but if we didn’t I doubt we’d walk as far as we did. It’s very very beautiful viewing point, so despite the popularity, I would go and see it. The view is unrealistic, almost heavenly. Those are the adjectives that describe this place the best.

It took us a few hours to come around, but we stopped a lot, took pictures, had lunch etc. Everywhere you looked, every viewpoint had even more amazing views, as you can imagine, I took immense number of pictures.

Now as I am writing this I suddenly got the urge to travel again. As I’ve mentioned we’re in for another travel adventure in the middle of June and I can’t waaaait. I won’t tell you where just yet, but it’s our favourite country in Europe, so if you know, you know. This also means more regular blog posts, which makes me really happy.

I hope to write at least another blog post before we leave. At the moment we are on a short getaway for our one year wedding anniversary. Currently I am sitting in a beautiful garden somewhere in the middle of Slovenian Karst, looking at the warm sun, slowly saying goodbye behind the fields covered with long grasses. Ah, it’s so peaceful and beautiful and my heart is full. Now I’ll turn off my computer and enjoy while it lasts. Until next post, where I will share some photos from this lovely weekend getaway.

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