I guess I am writing this a month too late or so, but I really had to enclose all feelings around 2020, gently package them in “2020 box” and think about what to actually write.

It’s my annual tradition to write a recap of the past year and share some best memories. This post might be a less of a recap than former posts, and more of a very sincere diary post of how my 2020 was.

No, I will not mention Covid too often because I am sure that’s all you are hearing these days and thankfully there are many other things I can remember 2020 for.

2020 started pretty normal, as any other year. We have spent the majority of the January in Gran Canaria. This trip was not planned at all , because we wanted to save some money for the upcoming wedding and honeymoon. We found some really good plane tickets and airbnb, so we went for it and booked everything only a few weeks before. To this day, I am so thankful we booked them, because… well who knew it would be the last proper vacation for a while.

Then came the spring and pandemic with it. It felt very surreal at the time, with everything closing down. We were both at home a lot during the first lockdown, so I remember it as a very peaceful time.

We spent our days with one another, went on long walks in nature, cooked, read, made future plans. It might sound funny to some of you, but we had a really nice time. And that’s the thing – it’s always how you percieve the situation.

We were not very impacted by whole Covid thing even though we had our wedding coming up in June. We did not make too much fuss about it. Eventhough we weren’t sure whether we will be able to have the proper ceremony or just a quick one with only 4 people attending it.

We knew we wanted to get married and that was it, it would not change much for us. Luckily it came out just like we have planned it. Our wedding was definitely one main thing I will remember 2020 for.

The only thing impacted regarding the wedding was our honeymoon plan, which was never even booked or anything haha. Only when the pandemic started in Europe (in March) we decided we will wait with the original plan because we want to travel without worrying, having masks on etc. Instead we went on a mini honeymoon to one of our favourite places in Croatia – Lošinj. We had a really really lovely time, and even though the plan was to be somewhere a lot further.

Exactly a month after our wedding I got my dream job. I had 2 “life events” like marriage and getting a job in only one month. That was so crazy, and that’s definitely antoher big thing I will remember 2020 after. In that moment it felt like World was mine, everything was falling into place. That feeling was…majestic.

That’s when the fast and a bit more stressful part of the year started. Suddenly I had to change, like everyone does when starting their career path. I’ve had many jobs before as a student, but this was my first permanent one after finishing my Master’s degree. I was scared, but more importantly I felt ready. I felt ready to enter the new era, to finally become who I longed for to become, I wanted new oppurtunities, new challenges, I wanted to professionally arise.

In August we had a week off and bounded on a roadtrip to Posočje, where we had a very lovely time as well. I took a few breaths before fall, because I knew fall will be very very intense.

Then came the fall, second lockdown with it and time for me to start my apprenticeship to become clinical dietitian. Boy was I thrown out of my comfort zone!

This fall was one big lesson, I learnt so so many things (professionally and about myself). I grew resilient. I got a glimpse of what strength really looks like. I learnt I can, even when I was sure I couldn’t.

I learnt a lot about myself, about who I am, what are my values, what I want and what I don’t want. I learnt to look fear in the eyes and observe what happens. How fear finally starts to fade if you stare at it for long enough.

Somewhere I read a quote that resignated so much with me at this point :

” Be proud of how you’ve been handling these past few months. The silent battles you’ve fought, the moments you had to humble yourself, the times you’ve wiped your own tears. Celebrate your own strength.”

No less importantly I got so many new skills and met so so many amazing people I worked and still work with.

As Christmas came everything calmed down a bit. This year we really did had a miracle, because there was so much snow, and that was my favourite thing about the holidays! We spent the majority of our time on snow and with our families. Even though I wish I could spent some of that time with friends, but was unable due the given circumstances, the holidays were lovely.

Overall 2020 was very successfull for me. I had A LOT going on and I loved it. Even when it was hard. I am so so lucky to have a husband like I do, because he was amazing and so supportive during this crazy times.

I am starting my 2021 back at work, next few months will be busy for me and to be honest I have no time to think about going somehwere for at least a few months.

I hope the pandemic soothens bit soon and we will be able to get our normal social lives back.

We will see what the rest of 2021 will bring but I am being very positive about it. I have big plans for this year and I know my wings are finally ready, ready to fly!

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