Writing a “diary” post after a long time, just to check in a bit, share some photos from this year’s fall, tell you a bit about what’s going on and etc.

Why this post is titled “Fall in Slovenia”? Because, it’s the first time in a while we’ve been home all fall. We have always traveled around in the fall, and always missed some of the most beuatiful fall colours, or at least some stages of it. This year we were obviously home all the time and were able to see all the stages of the fall at home.

First of all I hope you are all doing well, given the circumstances. I hope you found something that keeps your mind off the situation at least for a bit, whether that’s work, a new hobby, baking, spending time with the loved ones, watching movies, reading etc.

For me this second lockdown had been very different than the one in spring, when I was mostly working from home. Both, me and my husband still go to work full time, so we don’t have that “stay at home” feeling at all. It’s been even busier at times, some days it’s hard to find an hour to just relax and rest at home. Don’t get me wrong we are both very very thankful to be able to work full time during this times, even though it can be more challenging.

Speaking for myself this fall has passed by ridiculously fast, and I can’t even believe it’s almost December.

On our free days we recharge our batteries by going into nature, go on walks, sit and soak on sunbeams etc. I am sharing some photos from this fall and to show you what we’ve been up to in our free time.

Despite the situation you always need to make the best out of it. This year I am trying to make weekends or evenings extra cozy, pamper myself, have a well deserved rest, hug and cuddle as much as possible. It might sound weird or funny to some of you, but I figured it gives me that extra warmth we all need in order to function normally.

I don’t want this post to sound dull, and I hope it doesn’t, because I do not feel this way. I have a feeling this too will pass and all will be well again, but it will pass slowly, the situation won’t be over with New year (how some people think or hope). It will pass gradually, but it will, or at least we will learn to live with it and lead a normal life at the same time.

Many people ask me whether I am going insane during lockdown, given the fact that we had traveled so much previous years. My answer might surprise you a bit, but not so much. Of course there are days I miss it a lot, but to be honest this year my mind is focused on so many other things – work and carrer wise.

Even if everything was normal, this year we wouldn’t be able to travel as much, so everything kind of coincided well haha. Ah, we would definitely go on our honeymoon trip if things were normal, but I doubt we’d had time for anything other than that.

Are you looking forward to Christmas time? I know it won’t be the same, but I look forward to it anyway. I’ll try to find that warmth within me, by making our apartment extra cozy, and doing as many festive things as possible. This December might be a lot more “silent“, and we won’t be able to see as many friends or whole families but why not make this Christmas time more about yourself? This can mean a lot of things, maybe you can work on yourself a bit more, do all the things we never have time to do, do some self reflection, make plans for the future, read good books, eat good food and so on.

I hope all of you find that “warmth” within you, I am talking about. At the end, everything is always within you.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay healthy!

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