In August we took a week off and decided to make a roadtrip to Posočje. We agreed on staying in Slovenia and not expand our holiday outside the Slovenian bordes.

Why? Well, first of all we were both pretty tired and simply weren’t up for a long drive or any big adventure. Second of all we didn’t want to risk any kind of “quarantine surprise” upon our arrival. We definitely could not afford it, workwise.

We rarely visit the other side of Slovenian Julian Alps, so we thought it would be a nice change. Even though we didn’t go far and we stayed in Slovenia, we had a fair dose of a lovely vacation. The main goal of this vacation was to be in nature, keep our minds off work for a bit and to be with each other.

The only thing we promised to ourselves was NOT to stay at any of the popular towns like Bovec, Kobarid etc. All those towns and camps were packed with tourists and it was …well, not for us. Too much people everywhere. Therefore we found a remote village that had one really pretty newly renovated accomodation. We had it all there, lovely views over the valley and mountains, good local food, fresh air, peace and quiet. Every morning we got woken up by roosters crowing. That was a nice change 🙂

I also got to see one of my friends and university classmate , who was very close to me at the time. We did everything together, go to classes, skip classes, she was my lab partner and we studied together. After the uni she moved back to Posočje and now we rarely see each other, so it was nice to catch up with her and her husband a bit.

We did all of the usual stuff everyone gets up to when visiting Posočje, and some of the non-usual stuff as well (like always haha). Among other places we also visited Šunikov gaj. I’ve made a whole post about it so you can check it out here: AROUND SLOVENIA: ŠUNIKOV VODNI GAJ.

Now I will stop rambling and let you enjoy the photos that we made during our trip. Enjoy!

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