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In the beginning of the August we spent a week in Posočje, exploring a part of Slovenia we rarely visit. One day we visited beautiful nature park called Šunkov vodni gaj with numerous waterfalls and pools. None of us have been there before and looking back we are asking ourselves how so, because it really blew our minds.

You reach the natural park driving through the Lepena valley. As you pass the Lepena camp, a few more kilometres and you come upon a sign “Šunikov vodni gaj”, where you leave the car.

Hint: come early because it can get very busy during high tourist season. Luckily we chose foggy day, so we only ran into a few people.

There is easy to walk, well marked circular walking path around 3-4 km long. But don’t let that fool you – make sure you bring hiking boots because rocks can be very slippery!

As I’ve said before this place blew our minds. It was really beautiful and I think you are aware of our love for waterfalls and natural parks by now haha. It’s definitely a must when you are visiting that part of Slovenia!

Now I will share some snaps from our visit and leave you with your own thoughts. Enjoy!

Beautiful right? If you haven’t been to this natural park – there you go, I just gave you and idea for your next roadtrip. And if you are reading this in the other side of the World, unable to travel that far due current events, you can put Slovenia on your bucket list and visit as soon as the air clears a bit.

In my next post I will share some more adventures from our trip to Posočje, so stay tuned. Until then, take care!

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