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Disclaimer: I will try to be as not-cheesy as possible.

My first memory of him? I was 13, he was 17. I used to play volleyball with his sister and sometimes he’d be in a car when her parents picked her up. That’s when I saw him for the first time. He was looking forward, not bothered by any of us, caught in his own world. His eyes were a whole different universe. I wanted to be in that universe ever since. That’s when I knew I want him.

A few years and a few highschool romances later our paths crossed again. That’s when he noticed me for the first time haha. You can figure out the rest by yourself haha.

Fast forward to last 6 years (we have been together for 10 years) which were the best! We moved in together and travelled so much. I studied, he worked. We wanted to make those years count, to travel the world, to explore new places, meet new people, be free – and yet have each other.

Be free and yet have each other was something we were both surprisingly good at.

We never rushed into anything, we are both very “go with the flow kind”, no pressure. That’s why none of us rushed into marriage too soon, though we both knew we will get married at some point. Last year while we were in Azores, we got engaged.

You can read whol post about our engagement here:

We got married on 6th of June in our hometown – Bled. It’s hard to describe that day, because it was so so special in many different ways. Some feelings are hard to articulate.

We decided to have a very private wedding. We shared our day with only our closest people.

I spent the last day with my closest friends (who are basically like family) in our airbnb. We had a lovely girl’s night and a morning before the wedding. My morning did not look like a typical bride’s morning looks. Instead of going to the hairdresser’s and doing makeup, we went for a coffee and picked up my bouquet. Then we slowly got ready. It was such a chilled morning I had no feeling I am actually getting married – which was very “me”.

I know many of you are interested who was our wedding photographer. My sister from another mister who came all the way from London only for our wedding (you have no idea how much I love you for that!!!) took some pictures, because she’s really good at it. Our official photographer was a very talented fashion photographer and videographer Tjaša. She does not photograph weddings, but she made an exception just for us, so thank you again! Check her out, her works are amazing.

We love all the pictures so much because the are very “us” and Tjaša was able to capture it on camera.

Looking back on our wedding day a few months later – we would repeat it just the way it was. The main thing about wedding (no matter the style, budget etc.) is it has to be WHO YOU ARE. And I think we wrapped that up pretty well.

You are probably wondering about our honeymoon? Yes, it was planned (just planned, not booked) but it is also postponed due the miss “Corona”, to probably sometime next year. I’ve been keeping this particular destination for some special occasion for a long time now and it seems right to make it our “honeymoon destination”. No, I am not telling yet haha.

We went to a “mini honeymoon” to the seaside right after the wedding so we got just a bit of that true honeymoon feeling.

Ps. No I am still not used to call him my “housband” and I am still not used to being called “Mrs”. On the other hand it feels very familiar, since we have been married so many times in other lives.

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