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At first let me tell you my hen party did not look like the “usual” hen party. Mostly it is up to individual how they like their hen party to be like, or better put it this way – it is up to their bridesmades and how good they actually know the bride (what does she like, what kind of games she likes to play, is she in for some typical dares and tasks she has to accomplish etc).

My hen party was very much in my style and I loved every part of it. We did not have one specific location where the party took place, but we headed on a roadtrip instead. Very Maja, I know 🙂

We started our trip with a coffee stop in Vipava and drove to Gradišče for some views over the valley. We continued our roadtrip and stopped at “Zemono mansion” which is a very famous and wanted wedding spot. We strolled around a bit, but not too much, since they were preparing the place for a wedding.

We drove through small villages and the road lead us to Štanjel, where the main part of my hen party took place. Štanjel is probably one of my favourite places to visit in Slovenia, so the location was a cherry on top!

Each of us brought some food and drinks because we planned on having a picnic. We have found the loveliest picnic spot in the middle of fields overlooking Štanjel totally by accident, but it was a perfect picnic spot, where no one bothered us. We spent a few hours there, eating, talking and playing a few “hen party themed” games.

Those games were actually my favourite. Even though I knew girls know me well, a small part of me was still subconsciously worried what games they chose. If you know me at all, you probably have the slightest clue “typical hen games” are really not my thing haha.

They have made a video of my fiancé with some questions he’d answered in advance and it was my turn to guess what he said before watching him answering, I guess that’s quite typical game to play, but I really liked it. We played a few other writing games and they wrote me “Wishes for the married couple” as a memory I’ll always have. A few hours later we decided to stroll around Štanjel for a bit and see the beautiful Ferrari’s garden.

Not to mention I was bragging about me visiting Štanjel for at least 5 times, but we still somehow managed to get lost and it took some time to find the garden haha.

I’ve had a really good time and the thing I loved the most was the fact that the whole day was so chilled, with no pressure or rush. I have to thank my girls again for making this day extra lovely! They have succesfully handed me over to become a wife.

In my next post I will share some photos from our wedding which was even more lovely. Until next time!

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