Another a bit unusual post for me, but today I have decided to share some photos of animals, I took during our visit of The Cocodrilo Zoo park in Gran Canaria.

Cocodrilo park is fundamentally crocodile park, but there are many other animals as well. We are not the biggest fans of Zoo parks and we don’t visit many, but this Zoo is not the usual one and holds a much bigger story. That’s the main reason we have decided to visit this one.

It is actually animal rescue centre and it is home to many animals brought by individuals, seized by governmments and retirement home for old animals. that no one wanted. It is also the only rescue centre in Canary islands. Many animals there have terrible stories of abuse and neglect before coming to the Zoo. They are much happier here, where no one abuses them the way they did, they are in relatively good environment and are frequently and well fed.

I am sharing some shots of the animals below. Enjoy!

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