Welcome to the second part of the things we did in Gran Canaria. In case you have missed the first part you can check it out HERE.

So during our trip we also:

Walked on the sandy dunes in Maspalomas

This is another “must” in probably everyone’s itinerary when in Gran Canaria. The Maspalomas dunes are the island’s symbol. There were crowds of tourists taking pictures where the sand begins, so we walked further. Soon, we were almost all by ourselves, surrounded only by sandy dunes. It felt like another world. We walked all the way to the sea and back and at the end I was (I can only speak for myself here haha) a bit tired from sun, all the running and walking on the slippery sand.

Made a roadtrip to the hinterland

Driving to the hinterland is an adventure for itself. It’s the best way to explore the island and to see how the vegetation changes according to the altitude.

We always make roadtrips into “unknown”, just drive across the island and always come upon some amazing views or villages. Remember, many pretty places are not mapped in google and the only way to experience something unique is to explore.

Woke up early to watch the sunrise on a beach

You can probably tell that was my initiative haha. You can guess what his reaction was, as I woke him up one morning when it was still pitch black, suggesting we get out of bed and walk to the beach to watch the sunrise. He wasn’t as thrilled as I hoped he’d be haha, but I still managed to drag him out of bed in time.

It was all worth it in the end (his words!!), because watching the sun slowly rising behind the ocean is a scene we don’t get see on daily basis. And for some reason for me this is very different from sunset. I can’t explain why but I think sunrise is more special and it gives you different energy than watching sunset.

Swam in the sea/pool and enjoyed high temperatures in January

Before we came to Gran Canaria I did not belive the ocean will be warm enough to swim in it. I was wrong, it was not the warmest, but while we were there the ocean temperatures moved from 19°C to 22°C and that was warm enough for us to throw ourselves in, a couple of times.

If you can’t handle the temperatures, you still have numerous swimming pools which are warmer and you can soak there.

Swimming outside and soaking up the sun in the end of January still sounds pretty amazing am I right?

Went planespotting

Like we do in every foreign place that has airport. I am well aware the majority of you reading this have no intention on doing this, but I am sharing what we did, so therefore I included “plane spotting” here as well. We found a suitable spot and enjoyed the “traffic”.

Visited Cocodrilo Park

If you want to know why we chose to visit this Zoo and what’s diferent about it according to other animal parks around the island, read all about it here:

Visited Barranco de las Vacas canyon

This is one of the “hidden gems” of Gran Canaria, but it’s getting more popular every year. There is a parf of the canyon that reminds a lot of the “Antelope Canyon” in the USA and that’s the reason this canyon attracts so many tourists. Therefore it can get very crowded during the day and no one goes there just for their sake but for the “gram”, obviously haha.

We went there in the evening when the lightning was bad, but we wanted to avoid the crowds. There was no one around, just us (I’m guessing because it was getting too dark for pictures haha). I tried to take a few shots with my phone but photos were really bad. Thanks to a bit of improvization and our lovely Canon EOS camera, we managed to get pretty good shots despite the bad lightning.

Don’t worry, we were not one of those people who just take photos and go. We are never like that. We also walked, took time for ourselves, sat in the canyon and admired the nature.

That was it, some short “recap” of the things we did on the island. I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for your next travel destination, when all this is over haha. I must say I really really loved Gran Canaria, more than I thought I would. Again like most of our travels, this one was special to us in some different way.

While I was editing photos and writing this I re-lived so many moments. Man, we really do enjoy ourselves – again, again and again!

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