First of all looking back to this trip we made in January, I am so happy and thankful for it. Regarding this current situation, who knows when we will be able to travel carefree again and the fact that we did one pretty decent trip this year already, makes everything a bit better.

There are so many cool places we visited and things we did, it would take me too long to write all posts about everything. I figured this time I should do a bit different post (I did similar kinds of posts about Miami Beach and Rome). I decided to collect what we did during our time in Gran Canaria and share it with you.

A few wrote me you are thinking about visiting Gran Canaria and asked me to share what is worth seeing. That’s why I decided to collect everything here in two posts and make a bit different post as usual. I like to switch up my style of posts from time to time, so I hope you like it.

Here are some things we did and places we’ve visited in Gran Canaria…

Walked the colorful streets of Puerto de Mogan

My absolute favourite place in whole island of Gran Canraia was this little town called Puerto de Mogan. We have visited it the first thing as we came to the island and i fell in love with it’s colorful streets and houses covered with vivid flowers. We have returned to Puerto de Mogan two times afterwards and just could not get enough of it and thankfully we stayed not far away. Definitely a must when visiting Gran Canaria!

Hiked to the highest peak – Roque Nublo

Hiking to Roque Nublo is probably in everyone’s itinerary when coming to Gran Canaria. It is relatively short hike, so even if you do not like hiking at all, you can reach the top. I wrote a whole post about it, so in case you want to know more you can read it HERE.

Made a roadtrip to the Northern part of the island

This also goes very high in the list of my favourite things we did during this trip. We were used from visiting Tenerife a couple of times that Northern part of the island is usually very different than Southern part, regarding the weather. We were prepared for that and even though it was sunny from where we left, we came upon very moody weather in the North. We stopped in a few smaller towns and drove to the coast where we went to see the natural pools. In contrast to the Southern coast, North is much less tempting, regarding swimming in the ocean.

But we are both kinds of persons who sometimes prefer a bit unknown, non touristy places with not so summer-like temperatures in the middle of nowhere, rather than lie under a palm tree and swim in the ocean. We have spent one whole day exploring around the Northern part of the island and returned back where we stayed very late.

Found a wild beach and dipped in the ocean

I mean I don’t have to explain much here, do I? Gran Canaria if full of wild beaches, some easy some more difficult to reach you just have to find the one you like and go for it.

Visited Las Palmas – the capital of Gran Canaria

We have spent one full day wandering around the capital of Gran Canaria. Honestly, it did not amazed us as much as we thought it would. Everyone I know said it is really beautiful and definitely a must when on the island, but we were not exactly taken aback by it.

I liked the part where the beach is, where we spent most of the time. We walked along the coast and had lunch. The older part was nothing special. Maybe for someone who really likes architecture and history (churches etc.), but that’s not our thing so we kind of sped up our “old town” exploration haha. Maybe it is because we have seen so many similar cities, maybe we did not visit the right streets, who knows?

I am not saying Las Palmas is not worth visiting, I suggest you to visit it and shape your own opinion around it, it might surprise you positively.

Those are a few things we did during our trip to Gran Canaria, but I will share a lot more in part 2, which is coming soon. Until then stay tuned, stay home and healthy!

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