First of all this is not a post about panicking and writing about all the bad things that are happening right now, but quite the opposite. Current virus spread is a very complex situation and I will leave it at that. With this post I want to share some things I do while at home to raise your vibration and to feel better.

Just a few words “how I feel about the situation and the C-word”. I am not trying to impose my opinion on anyone. There are many ideas and beliefs why this is happening to us right now: scientific, economical, spiritual etc. Many times the reality is a mixture of everything and it’s up to you which one explains it THE BEST FOR YOU.

For me it goes beyond the virus itself. I believe the Earth need a cleanse and it’s shifting and upgrading to a different energy level, higher vibration. You can explain it much diferently, that’s why I said and will say it again: The explanation that works the best for you is the right one for you. Try to be open minded and understand people are on many different levels of understanding.


I am one of those people that are currently stranded at home, but most of my family still need to go to work, therefore I spend a lot of time alone.

1. Mindset is everything. I do not see this as a “quarantene”, despite the fact that I am at home all the time. I take it as a retreat, as time for myself. You should not feel as prisoner.

2. Use time wisely. That does not mean to do something all the time. “Wisely” in this context means to listen to your body. If it needs to rest you can rest, if it aches for some exercise, do some home exercises. Do a bit of everything every day.

3. Do what you love to do. Do the things you never have time for. Try a new hobby. I cook and bake a lot, I meditate and write. I also turn on loud music and just dance over the whole apartment.

4. Read a good book or watch movies. I must admit I am more of watcher than a reader, so I’ve been enjoying catching up on some good movies and series.

5. Light a candle or stick candles, this always uplifts the atmosphere.

6. Exercise! Join the online courses, I take one “online” course a day, usually pilates. Find one that’s broadcasting live and join in. Seeing how many people exercise all at once definitely puts your spirits up.

7. I take at least one long walk a day, avoiding the usually crowded places.

8. Eat clean and try not to eat too much. We all eat too much since we have food access all day long haha, but try not to snack between the meals.

9. Don’t watch/read the news too often. I don’t follow news any more, because reading 24/7 only about the C-word was definitely not making me happier. Let go of mindset you NEED to be constantly informed about everything.

10. Try not to judge others. It’s definitely not okay for people to still hang out in groups in public places etc, but try not to obsesss over it. Recieve the information, feel whatever you are feeling and then let it go.

11. Make plans for the future. Visualize, picture yourself how you want your life to look like in 5, 10, 30 years. Make prioroties, work on yourself.

12. Listen good music and dance to it, as I said before. That’s a big energy booster.

13. Spend quality time with your people. Talk abuot the things you usually don’t have time to talk about, dream, revive memories etc.

14. Organise group skype calls, or make online coffee dates and catch up with your freinds and family you can’t see in person at the moment.

15. Get creative – paint, write, take pictures or whatever you love to do to express yourself.

16. Do a wardrobe cleanout.

Those are just a few things I do durig this time and I hope it gives you some ideas.

Don’t panic people, be rational, yet responsible! Everything will work out okay! Stay away from the crowds and stay healthy! Till next time!

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