I would say we were quite lucky with the weather on our previous hikes, for example on the highest peak of Tenerife (whole post about it here: as well as on the highest peak of Madeira ( whole post about it here:

This time luck was not on our side haha, but we still had a great time, since it was not just about the destination but we enjoyed the whole experience. I have to admit we did not pay a lot of attention to the weather forecast, but just picked a random day to go to the mountains instead. From the coast (where we stayed) the weather was great every day. Furthermore there was no live web camera on the top, so we couldn’t check the weather conditions in the mountains.

Situated on the southern part of the island it took us 1.5 hour to drive to the parking under the peak. Since it was not a long hike, we decided to make a trip from it, so we stopped a lot during our drive, took some photos, meaning we were not in a hurry.

The road took us through beautiful and picturesque barren land with canyons. As we elevated to the higher altitude the vegetation changed quite a bit. We saw a lot of palm trees which were probably banana plantations, and some beautiful forests later on.

We have driven across so many similar islands, we quite honestly knew what to expect. But no matter the similar previous experiences, it’s always beautiful. As we got closer to the Roque Nublo the clouds started to roll in. We parked our car and started walking. At first it was just cloudy but at least the visibility was good, we could still see the peak of Roque Nublo rising on the top.

From there the weather conditions got worse a lot quicker. We encountered a lot of people returning from the top, and noticed we were almost the only ones walking uphill. There were all kinds of people visiting the top, since it is not a long hike (you leave the car pretty high, so even if you do not like hiking this peak is reachable). But you should think about bringing a pair of hiking boots, since there are still some steeper rocky sections along the way.

An English couple stopped us just a bit under the top as they returned and told us the clouds lowered it the peak is in a thick fog and you can’t see a thing. What could we do at this point? We continued our hike anyways. As expected, the peak was in a thick fog.

This is not exactly the peak you would have in mind, but it is actually a rocky plateau with two big rocks reaching to the sky and one of them is the actual peak. You can climb there I think, if you are in that kind of stuff. Usually the plateau is full of tourists, but for the sake of the fog, we were almost alone up there haha. This had happened to us before. If you read my blog for some time now, you would know thanks to the bad weather we had a beautiful waterfall in Madeira (usually packed with people) for ourselves. You can read a whole story about it here:

We were deprived from the views we had hoped for, but it was not such of a big deal. We had fun anyways and I think that’s the most important part of traveling, to always make the best of the situation.

Not to mention the late afternoon/evening swim in the ocean as we returned to the coast. As we dipped in the ocean watching the sun sinking behind it, the fog was forgotten haha. What stayed in our minds were memories of a great day in the mountains which ended with a dip in the sea.

Ps. I mean how cheesy was that ending I just wrote? I did not plan it to be that poetic haha but we’ll have to go with it. Until next time.

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