Aaaaaaaaaaggghhhhh! First of all let’s all take a moment in memory of my lost photos from Valencia! I forgot to copy photos from SD to my computer but I was certain I did and as we were in Canary islands I deleted all photos from my SD to make room for new ones. Today as I wanted to edit them for this blog post, they were nowhere to be found.

I like to work fast and multitask, furthermore it’s because I have so many SD cards and some photos on my phone, some on computer, some on disks and it all gets messed up. Well, all I can get out of this situation is to be more organized with my photos!

I had to make this intro to somehow explain to you why you are getting limited number of photos in this “Valencia blog post” and why the majority of them are taken from my phone. I got at least a few photos from camera to my phone in time, but that’s it. Oh well! Okay, now we can get to the point.

My boyfriend had turned 30 in November and I really wanted to surprise him with something different this year. I’ve booked us a ticket to Valencia for the last week of November. I had arranged everything else as well, so the only thing he had to do was pack his bag and board a plane.

We had such a lovely time in Valencia, my goal was to take us somewhere where we could explore the city but also rest. I did not want this to be our typical travel adventure where there’s a lot of planes, quite busy itinerary, hiking, driving etc. because from travels like that, we always return home more tired than we left. And that’s usually our style, but I wanted something different this time. This time my main goal was to spent a few days together with no rush, in a foreign city, to enjoy the warm weather and with no itinerary. It turned out exactly like I planned!

Considering the fact that it was the end of November, the weather was amazing. Pleasant temperatures (20-24°C) and plenty of sunshine made our trip even more lovely. The only means of transportation we’ve used around Valencia were city bikes. Bikes are definitely the most convenient way of moving around city like Valencia, since distances from one part of city to another are amendable.

My friend who lived in Valencia for a while was kind enough to share a few of her favourite spots in the city. Drinking good coffee and eating brunch in many hip places is to her credit, so thank you Neža!

So as I said, usually our morning started with a coffee in one of cafeterias where we decided what we want to do that day. We let the day unravel spontaneously and just went with it. We would then rent our bikes and cruised around the city until we had enough for the day. We wandered the streets, visited food market, sat in parks soaking up some sunbeams, cycled to the beach, did a little shopping etc. It’s as simple as that, we did a bit of everything.

One of the main attractions in Valencia is the City of Arts and Sciences where we headed twice. There, the main attraction is the huge aquarium, or at least every “Top things to do in Valencia” will tell you to visit it. We didn’t. Why? Well it hasn’t been long since we have visited one of the biggest aquariums in Europe during our tavels around Northern Germany and we (or maybe I should rather say “I”) think one aquarium visit per year is enough haha.

One of my favourite things we did during our trip was … have you guessed it yet? Yes, it indeed was botanical garden. As it is my tradition to make blog posts about botanical gardens separately, since you all know they are my thing, I will do it this time as well. So keep an eye for another “botanical gardens” themed post very soon, whether you like it or not!

We had such a lovely time in Valencia it was quite hard to leave. We have returned back home relaxed and full of new memories. I was so happy Urban enjoyed his birthday trip to Valencia as much as I had hoped he would. As we got used to the pleasant warm and sunny weather, it was a bit strange when cold wind and fog greated us as we landed back home.

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