BEST OF 2019

Writing and sharing a short recap of the past year has become a tradition, so in this post I am sharing my 2019 top moments.

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I always try to learn something from the past year and one thing I’ve learned during 2019 was indulgence. I’ve learned to work hard on different things at the same time, I’ve learned how to be efficient. I’ve learned I have much more will power than I thought I do and I’ve learned not to stop after I usually would have. My patience had been tested (in a good way) quite a few times this year and I can say I have passed the test.

Something I’ve been working on this year was my spirituality. I never talk about this on social media but spirituality had been quite big part of my life the past few years and it changed my perspective on everything, how I see the world etc. I won’t go any deeper into this, as I want this “part of me” to stay “mine”.

2019 started as a winter wonderland. We’ve spent a few days on the snow in the woods, which is one of my favourite things to do. I’ve also started writing my Master’s thesis in the beginning of the year.

One of the highlights of 2019 was sure 3-week trip to Madeira and Azores, it’s probably one of my favourite trips we’ve ever did. We hiked a lot and enjoyed the wild nature. Every damn day was soo good, there are so many moments that will always stuck with us, but I like to keep some private.

Another highlight of the year was as we got engaged in a beautiful park in the middle of Azores. You can read more about that here; https://majalampe.com/2019/12/16/azores-a-place-where-i-said-yes/

We went to the seaside in the beginning of the summer, as next 4 months were the busiest for both of us. As soon as we had just a bit of free time we hung out with friends, went hiking or at least made a little trip to nature where we decompressed and filled our bodies with fresh air.

In September we’ve made a very spontaneous trip to northern Germany, where we visited Berlin for a third time (just because we loved it so much) and made a longer roatrip to the northern coast. We drove from town to town, we stopped where we wanted and as long as we wanted. That kind of traveling, where you can drive wherever you want and have no itinerary whatsoever, presents a very big freedom for both of us and it was something we’ve both longed for after a busy summer.

In November we celebrated his 30th birthday and I took him to Valencia- Spain, as a surprise. We enjoyed high temperatures in the end of November and cruised around town with city bikes.

The main accomplishment of this year would be finishing my Master’s thesis. I’ve started writing thesis in February 2019 and graduated on 5th December 2019 , just a few days after we’ve returned from Spain. Thesis was my 2019 “baby” haha. I’ve finally accomplished my goal and became Master of Nutrition. It sure was a nice and successful end of the year.


I am sure many of you think I will say – travel. But no, I can not say this is my main goal for this year. It might had been for the past few years, but this year my main goal is to expand myself in a professional way. I want to learn, work and get opportunities in my field of work. I am very ready to put myself out of the comfort zone, open myself for new opportunities and to learn, learn and learn.

Of course my goal is also to travel (as every year haha), as much as we will be able to.

Another thing that’s coming in 2020 is not as much of a goal, but more of a “life-event” and a big step in every person’s life – our wedding. We are getting married in June this year and I can’t wait to take our lives onto the next level. And we are already thinking about where should we travel for our honeymon! 🙂

That’s about it for this year’s goals. I am very ready for this year’s ride and very ready for anything 2020 will bring!

PS. Of course we are starting 2020 in “our” style and are traveling in less than 2 weeks somewhere warm, so stay tuned!

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