Huh, okay here we go again. I can start this post by “it’s been a while”, like any other post I’ve written recently. I had no time to write blog posts on the top of everything else that’s been going on for the last couple of months, so that’s the main reason why there’s been a lack of posts. How original of me, I know.

I’ve finally decided to write a bit about our engagement. I know some of you requested I share our story, so that’s what I’m doing. And I don’t want this post to come up as some “blogger sharing their amazing story of how they got engaged just for the sake of views and with tons of cheesy photos” etc. This is actually very private thing for us and I wanted to share some pictures (just because the place where he “popped the question” was sooo beautiful and so “us” and I would have shared photos from there anyways!) Anyways a.k.a. even if this was just the usual visit of thermal pools and gardens with no engagement.

It happened on our trip to Azores. We have decided to visit one of many beautiful parks with thermal pools and gardens that day. As we got there it was raining, but since we went swimming, it didn’t really matter. I must say he was the one enjoying the thermal pools, I had mixed feelings about them, just because I do not like to soak in a very hot water for a long time.

After the swim, we took a walk through the park. The plants were so beautiful. I am sure by now, all of you know how much we like parks and gardens with wild nature. At one point it started to pour heavily and we found a shelter under the palm trees. I remember I took a video of us and the rain situation and that’s when he got all weird haha. Later he told me he wanted to propose there, but I was ruining the mood with filming a video. Looking back it’s really funny haha.

As soon as the rain stopped we continued with our walk. We came to the one particularly beautiful palmtree-lined path when he suddenly stopped and looked at me. I instantly knew something was up, the energy was different and then he “popped the question”.

I love how everything was so “us“, as I’ve said before. The place, nature etc. I think one of the best feelings was that everything was very unplanned, he said he didn’t plan the place or anything, it all just happened spontaneously. One of my favourite things about it is the fact we were both wearing windstoppers, old jeans and trainers and were wet and a bit muddy from the rain.

Any close-up pictures of the ring? That’s something I have decided not to share with the internet. The pictures you see are as close-up as you’ll get. It’s very unique, nothing like a traditional engagement ring “should” look like and it’s nothing like engagement rings you see in jewellery stores. I would probably pick the same ring for myself haha, and that’s what I love about it the most!

Was he nervous? No. At least he said he wasen’t at all. I think after so many years together, after so many adventures, mainly good but also some bad times we’ve been through, we both pretty clearly knew were we stand.

Did I cry? YES. And I’m not even afraid to admit it haha.

I know there is another thing you are probably wondering – When is the wedding? For now I will just say it will take place in June 2020 and will leave it at that.


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