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Autumn hikes and photos have really become one big hit of Instagram. Everyone I know (also the ones who never hike) went “out of their comfort zone” and embarked on a hunt for golden/yellow – colored larch trees. I mean it’s admirable if other’s photos motivate you so much, you go hiking yourself, but the question remains – did you go for yourself or for that photo to prove others you’ve been there as well?

A few of my friends went to the most popular autumn hiking destination in Slovenia – Slemenova Špica. I used to hike there every autumn (and still do -“out of season”) but not for the last few years because it got ruined by mass tourism (at least for me). They told me that was the worst hiking experience they’ve had. The problem began with parking, then they hiked in a queue all along and on the top it was so crowded they could hardly find a spot to sit. One of them said “I drove and hiked all this way in a f*cking queue like I was in some kind of museum and at the end I couldn’t even get one photo where it’s just me and the nature. There was always someone photobombing me or impatiently waiting to take photo as well! The nature is supposed to be calming but God knows I wasn’t calm at all! “

That sentence got me laughing so much and it still does. She depicted the situation very vividly haha. For me hiking or just walking in nature is time to decompress, to distance myself from reality and to be with my own thoughts or have a good company.

So putting this on side, thankfully there are some other beautiful places to admire the golden larches, that are much less crowded this time of the year. Last weekend was a perfect warm autumn weather, so we decided to go to “Zelenica” for some beautiful views and for one of my favourite Slovenian dishes – “štruklji”.

Considering the fact it was sunny and weekend, there were not many people at all. Zelenica offers you a nice one hour walk up the hill and rewards you with beautiful views on the top. Of course we ate the delicious “štruklji” on the top, that was my main motivation to go haha. As I said before the weather was amazing so we ended up walking a bit more around the surrounding hills and after that just sat in the sun for some time. It was so peaceful and warm, we almost fell asleep at one point haha.

You might say to me “Who are you to judge us to go somewhere very instagrammable to take pictures, you do that as well – you have a blog that’s based on photos!” . Well, touché! Waiting in a crowd for far too long just to get that damn picture – let’s admit we’ve all been there. But for the last couple of years I try to distance myself from it and it’s been a success. I try not to go somewhere or do things just because it’s popular or everyone else do it.

Forgive me, I hope this blog did not insult anyone. Insulting is never my aim, so please even if you find yourself on that side of the crowd I mock unintentionally, don’t take it too personally. It’s none of my business what people do in their free time, but here’s a little advice – do things for yourself first. Go hiking, traveling or whatever else you’re doing because YOU want to go, not because everyone else do it and you’d feel left out otherwise. If you don’t enjoy battling for parking and hiking in endless queues – don’t do it!

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