Well, it’s been a while and I am finally back with a new blog post. This summer has been my busiest so far and I could not find time or motivation to write. Sitting behind computer for so many hours every day work-wise, definitely added to my reluctance to stay there any longer than necessary. That’s my excuse for being absent here, whether you like it or not. But more importantly I am back and ready to share some new adventures with you (and some old ones – I know I still owe you a bunch of posts and photos from Azores and they are coming!)

So as I said we have both been busy during summer, doing our own things, which sometimes made it hard to spend some quality time together. As September ended we were in awe of some new adventures, so we decided to head to northern Germany and make a 10 day roadtrip. I know this is very unusual destination, and that’s exactly why we were instantly attracted to it. We are very much over mass-touristy destinations at this point haha.

It was a very spontaneous roadtrip, we did not have any itinerary what we want to see so we usually planned one day ahead. That’s the form of freedom we both like.

We drove along the Northern coast, stopped in many towns, villages that were really pretty. The weather was amazing, we only had one or maybe two rainy days in total.

Northern coast is popular destination mainly for German tourists. We met a few Swedish and Danish tourists as well, but they sure do not hear a lot of Slavic language there. Since it is relatively close to Poland, they always assumed we were from Poland. When we arrived, we have decided to talk in English, since our German is pretty rusty and we feel much more comfortable speaking English. We soon figured they understand English well, just refuse to speak it. They politely waited for us to finish and continued in German. Soon we realized that’s how it will be the whole trip so we just went with it and settled to speak in broken German.

This trip was a mix of beautfiul sandy beaches, pretty nature and picturesque towns. Northern Germany definitely surprised us positively, there is much to see and there are many surprisingly beautiful beaches.

One of the best memories was one morning waking up in a very small town, where we were probably the only tourists at the time. We took a morning walk to the small port and there was nobody except fishermen preparing for the day. We stood there for a while, observed the surroundings, listened to seagulls cheeping and felt the warmth of the sun on our faces. In that moment I felt so alive, happy and free. And it was funny because we were nowhere fancy, not at all. We were in one small fishing town in northern Germany, but in that moment it felt like I was on the top of Empire State building, Eiffel tower and Burj al Arab all at once.


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