In my previous post I’ve promised my next one will be about our hike to the highest peak of Madeira, but it’s been a busy week so I am coming to you with a bit less time consuming post. I want to have more time for the post about the hike, I don’t want it to be rushed.

To continue the “Madeira series”, one day we’ve visited botanical gardens situated in Funchal, the capital of Madeira. The weather was cloudy, which was perfect for a bit more laid back day. If you follow my blog for some time you might know, regarding to a place we are visiting, we always try to visit botanical garden, if there is one ( of course the initiator is me haha).

To sum up our experience – this garden exceeded our expectations. It was really beautiful and unique. We must have walked through it for a least 3 hours, amazed by so many plants, palm trees and flowers. I don’t really know what else to say other than this. I might say nothing more and just let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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