We did not change our sleeping locations, as some do, because the island is small and you can drive the entire island in just few hours. But, don’t let that “the island is small and you can drive the entire island in just few hours “ fool you when deciding how long your vacation in Madeira should be. We were there for 9 days and still left the island with feeling we could have extended for a few days.

Such a small island and so saturated with amazing places to see. It’s like someone would collect the most amazing waterfalls, mountains and woods all together and place them on one small island. I swear, Madeira is like a collection of amazing and various nature. Aaah, it still gets me so excited by all the nature and beautiful places we’ve seen on this trip.

Roadtripping is still one of our favourite things to do and you can’t ignore the fact that it’s the best way to experience new places. So, one day we’ve made an ultimate roadtrip throughout the entire island. We drove thorugh the mountains all the way to the northern coast. Driving around Madeira can sometimes be challenging due to narrow and ridiculously steep roads.

The internal part of the island is hilly and driving through random villages gave us pretty good insight of how the majoritiy of Madeira inhabitants really live. We always like to drive through more “abandoned” non touristy places, because that’s what gives you the right perspective of a specific place.

If there is something you can find all over Madeira – it’s banana trees. They are everywhere, every house has it’s own plantation. That’s why bananas there are ridiculously cheap, which was in my favour because it’s a very important ingredient for my breakfast.

Windy northern coast and beautiful cliffs greeted us. We stopped in a small town called Porto Moniz, to see the natural pools. They are a part of the sea, but are enclosed with volcanic rocks, so they really are some kind of pools. It was still too cold to swim in the ocean, but northern coast really impressed me. It’s very different from the southern coast, it’s actually similar to northern coast of Tenerife.

We continued our roadtrip through the eastern part of the island and stopped in a few other places and villages, where we took some pictures and stopped for coffee. How many times in my previous posts have I mentioned we’ve stopped for a coffee haha! I feel like I am repeating myself with “and we went for a coffee” over and over again, but that’s really the case. Uh and I might emphasize – by “we went for a coffee” I mean “only I had coffee“. My boyfriend is not a coffee drinker and everytime I accidentally say “we” he gives me his strange looks I know so well. So everytime I say “we had coffee”, it actually means I did. Now, I am glad we got that straight, once and for all haha.

In the southern part of the island the weather was completely different, it was hot and there was no wind. Thankfully we’ve got used to sudden weather changes and held half of our wardrobe in a car, just in case, which obviously came in handy. We have returned to our airbnb in late afternoon hours, cooked ourselves dinner and made plans for the next day. The plan was to drive to the mountains again and visit one of the prettiest waterfalls in Madeira. That was probably one of my favourite days and much more about that in my next post.


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