Wow it’s been a while . I haven’t written a blog post for over a month and that wasn’t the plan. But these things happen to bloggers, right? Wait, am I allowed to call myself a blogger already?

WordPress has reminded and congradulated (haha) me for my 3rd blog anniversary! Holy shit, time flies! I have posted 81 blog posts, including this one (God knows I have written quite a few more, but never published them). I can say I am not the most consistent hobby blogger in the World, but hey, I am trying. The most important question is whether I still enjoy writing, sharing my thoughts, photos and adventures with the World? Yes I do, after 3 years my passion for blogging hasn’t faded.

Sometimes harmonizing writing my Master’s degree, working, having social life, maintaining a good relationship with my boyfriend – oops fiancé , doing all “housewife” chores – cleaning, cooking etc., traveling and still having enough time for myself get the best of me. And that’s when blog suffers.

Writing posts has definitely changed throughout those 3 years. Lately it has become more time-consuming. I put more energy and myself into it. I try to be better, rethink what I write. Why?

Well, over the past year I’ve gained quite a lovely number of readers. I have some kind of audience now and I can’t just write pointless posts. I also recieve feedbacks from people I barely know. Last week we went to visit our family friends in Italy and they asked me “When are you planning on writing something about your trip to Madeira/Azores? We are waiting.” And to be honest I had no idea they even know I have a blog (they are my parents age, with no social media).

And the other day another aquantance disagreed with a few of my statements in my posts. I think everyone is entiteled to their own opinion, but I got the feeling my words do affect people in a way. At least some of them and that lead me to think my words through, before publishing. This put a slight pressure on me, not a bad one, but good pressure – I want to be better!

Second thing that’s been on my mind lately is – what should I share? There’s always a battle between how personal you should get with your readers. Of course that’s every blogger’s own choice, but the line is not always so clear. I know some of you like to read only “What to do, what to see” kind of posts, but many of you say you like the more subjective, personal approach. But how personal should one get? That remains unknown to me.

Those are the biggest differences I see after 3 years of writing. But they are just a reminder I care for this blog, want to get better, enjoy blogging and satisfy my readers at the same time. My blog wouldn’t be what it is without you, so I really want to thank each and everyone of you who read at least one post and of course to those who visit my site frequently. Those who read my blog, but never say a word about it or won’t admit they do shouldn’t be left out either – so thanks to them as well, you are still my readers haha!

Another thing! I got a few requests on doing a post about our engagement (how it happened, where, how he proposed, the photos etc. ) Should I really make a post out of this? You see, this is a beautiful exmple of a situation, when privacy line gets blurry. I haven’t thought much about it yet, but maybe I will do it. We’ll see. Comment down bellow or dm-me on instagram how many of you woud actually like to see this post. It would be something different for sure.

So, what’s next? Will I still blog after 3 years? Of course I will, I will try to be better at it (I always say that, don’t I? haha). I will also try some new things like this “DIARY” theme I’ve added to site MENU, where I will collect the more “personal” – themed posts, like this one.

I know you’ve all been waiting for me to start posting Madeira/Azores series. I had so many emotions and unprocessed thoughts and feeling from this trip (only positive!), but as soon as I wanted to write about it, nothing came out right. Honestly, this might have been the best trip of my life and I have sooo many photos, stories to share I don’t know where to begin! Posts are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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