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This hike was another very spontaneous decision. After a busy week we were lying in our bed on Friday night, just before falling asleep, when it occured to us – if we sleep in tomorrow, there won’t be much from that day.

“Do you want to go somewhere tomorrow?”

“You mean, on a trip?”


“Well, I am kind of running out of the ideas. I don’t want to go the seaside again, because it gets too crowded on weekends”

“Actually, I had something different in mind. Maybe something more active. Want to go for a hike, I was thinking about Nanos?”

“Great, Nanos it is!”

That’s exactly how we got upon the idea. Can you guess who was who in the dialogue? Haha, people who know us in person, should know. Hint for those who don’t: he’s the more “outdoorsy” type, who plans our hikes.

Okay, so the next day we got up relatively early (for a weekend) got ready, had breakfast and headed to Nanos. I’ve never hiked there before, so it was something new for me.

We chose the longer and less steep path, which takes you a bit less than 2 hours. I liked it from the very begining. I don’t like when a path starts steep right away, because I feel like I can’t warm up my body properly. This path started very nicely, like a walking path through the beautiful forest, which was great.

After a nice walk through the forest, the a bit steeper part and beautiful views begin. You know you are almost at the top when you suddely come upon a small church in the middle of fields. The views are incredible throughout the entire hike, which is a good motivation for me haha. Nanos can be very windy (at least on the top), but we were quite lucky there weren’t any strong winds that day.

We found the cottage and had a nice lunch there. I was so happy that they had “jota” – a Slovenian pot-dish with sauerkraut, sausage, beans and potatoes. , because this kind of food always feels so good after a hike. It’s not the same when eating only a sandwich. But you know, sometimes you don’t have a choice, really.

It was a day (actually morning) well spent and overall I liked the hike very much. The total hiking time, the difficulty of the path, it was just the right amount of everything regarding the fact that I haven’t done any proper hikes throughout the whole winter. Well, I am talking about very relative terms here, but let’s say we are on the same page.

We joked this was preparation for our upcoming trip, because there will be a lot of hiking there. Besides hiking there will be beaches and swimming as well, but the main emphasis is probably on hiking, long walks, beautiful views etc. Curious? We are visiting two different destinations, two different islands if you will, because we wanted to visit both so badly and figured why not combine them and make a longer trip. We are leaving in exactly 2 weeks from now, so I will write much more about those destinations very soon.

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