Recently I’ve asked my readers to tell me what kind of posts would they like to read and one of the most requested ones was to write a post on The things I’ve learned from travel. I have to say I liked the idea, but it took me a while to think of everything I want to include in this post.

Eventually my list is much longer than I thought it would be, so I am dividing it into two posts – part 1 and 2 (part 2 coming soon). I am also including random photos from my travels, which you will probably recognize.
I hope you find this kind of post interesting, because I’t something I haven’t done before.

Okay, so let’s move on to things I’ve learned during my travels.

1.First and the most important one is – always trust yourself and your intuition. If your gut tells you something is not okay, it is probably not.

2. Traveling is not always fun and exciting. It can be hard sometimes, and I think you can all agree with this one. Traveling is a double-edged sword, there are some amazing unforgettable moments, beautiful places, delicious cuisine, insane views etc. But on the other hand every traveler sooner or later experiences bad things as well. From flight delays, bad accomodations, getting mugged etc.

3. Flying cheap isn’t always the cheapest way. We all know we can get some great flight deals from neighbour countries ( Vienna, Milan, Munich etc). But when you include transfer to the airport and extra baggage it suddenly isn’t so cheap anymore. Not to mention you are on your way many hours before your actual flight. Next time think twice.

4. Traveling taught me to think quick, it expanded my resourcefulness quite a bit.

5. Comfy clothes are everything. My phase of “choosing what clothes to pack according to their looks” is long gone (Actually, now I am wondering, was there ever one?) As long as I look presentable, for me the most important features when travelling are comfort and function.

6. It taught me that there are some good people left. People who will help you out of generosity and empathy. But you will stumble upon people with bad intentions too, so don’t be too naive. Pay attention.

7. The more I travel, the more I appreciate my home, the country I live in. Going abroad opens your eyes, it’s not all just milk and honey. I appreciate what our country has to offer. From beautiful nature, drinkable water, fresh air. We still have quite good balance between work, free time and salary. Furthermore imagine yourself saving huge amounts of money your whole life, just so your children can go to university.

8. I’ve learned that you can get far with kindness and by being pollite. Ask for something pollitely, introduce yourself and explain the situation. You will get more positive response than you might think.

9. Occasional diarrhoeas or constipation are a part of traveler’s life – so get used to it haha!

10. The best way to get to know the person really well is to travel together. I’ve learned, that travelling with the person you don’t know that well might not be the best idea. Go slowly. Start with a shorter trip, see how you work together. If you click, you can get a travel-buddy for life.

11. I’ve gained a lot of respect towards long haul flight crew. How can they do their work properly with such messed up working schedules? Once again, nothing but respect from my side.

12. And last but not least – travel always brings new people in your life, new friends, aquaintances etc. You might even fall in love. But I’ve learned that it is very important to know when to take those new bonds home or when to leave them at the very place where bonds were made. At the end we are always different persons when travelling, than we are at home hooked up in our life routines.

P.S. Part 2 of “WHAT TRAVEL HAS TAUGHT ME SO FAR?” is coming very soon, so stay tuned.

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