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This was my second time visiting the majestic Everglades National Park. When visiting for the first time with my boyfriend, we took an air boat ride through the swamp. It was one of those small private boats for max 7 people and we had a really great private tour, which turned out to be a much more authentic experience than booking a tour on one of those huge “mass tourism” air boats. We saw quite a few alligators during our ride. It is scary to think that just a few metres away there are deadly alligators, who would tear apart anything that is potential food in just a few seconds.

This time we decided to try something different. My parents, who are apprently much more YOLO ( You Only Live Once – yes, not everyone knows that) than me (haha) suggested we experience the Everglades on our own. We drove all the way to Everglades and found an more or less abandoned road that takes you to the very heart of the swamp. We must have drown for a few hours through hot and humid swamp, eying for alligators and other habitants of Everglades.

I would never thought we would see so many animals and alligators. We must have seen at least 15 huge alligators just a few metres away, which was much more than me and my boyfriend did a few years ago. Driving through swamp on our own gave us even better perspective of the wildlife. We were not totally alone, from time to time we came upon a few people in cars, who decided to see the swamp on their own as well. But not many people do that, so I was so glad we did it and experienced everything we did that day.

We never left the car for more than a few minutes, beacuse you really need to be careful. We headed back and forth for a few metres, but better be a bit more careful. If you think another way, alligators are very quick when it comes to hunting the prey, so they might surprise you a lot, when they are hungry. I did not want to think about it when we were there, but the fact is – you are not very likely to come from the swamp alive if you find yourself there, with no car, just you.

The point of this is if you decide to try something like that on your own, somewhere abroad, do it only if you have some previous experience and knowledge of potential dangers. Think it through and think again – is it worth it?

I knew we would be fine just because my parents started travelling with me when I was really young and we have never travelled as tourists. And by “my parents started travelling with me when I was really young” I do not mean we have visited a few European cities and Greece. By that I mean I have seen Wild West in USA at the age of 7, slept in Navajo Indian reservations, visited towns in the middle of desert where we were probbaly the only tourists etc.

Again this is not me bragging about anything, I want to you understand experience does not come from doing only touristy things and visiting places where it’s easy to come around. If you want to experience places and things almost no one does, you need to start slowly. Step by step and you will get there. And remember you can’t fast forward that. I am not there yet, not at all. But my parents are, that’s why I was comfortable with visiting Everglades like we did.

Speaking of new adventures. So many of you are asking me “Where are you travelling next?” and “Do you have any plans where to travel this year?”.

Yes we do. Over the past week we have decided where we want to go next and bought plane tickets for a trip in April. It’s a bit longer trip, a bit more than 2 weeks so prepare yourself for many exciting blog posts. I don’t want to say just yet, where we are going, but it’s somewhere we have both wanted to go so badly and have never been before. Any guesses?

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