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BEST OF 2018

Last year I wrote a post as an overview of the year 2017 ( see the post here: http://best-of-2017)

And since so many of you voted on instagram you would like to see that kind of post again this year, I thought why not make this annual tradition.

If I had to describe this year in a few words I would probably use the following few: travel, freedom, new opportunities and new friendships.

For me this year was a bit different than past few years, since I have finished all my work at uni in early spring, that gave me a freedom to travel more. Finally I was not restricted with classes and exams, I was able to go on a trip anytime.

Spring 2018 was like a long sequence of travelling, being free, doing whatever I pleased. We travelled to Rome, to Amalfi coast and Tenerife. Amalfi coast has been on my bucket list for so long and finally going there and seeing everything with my own eyes was the highlight of spring. It is one of my favourite destinations I’ve ever been to. After that I was maybe home for 2 weeks and then we flew to Tenerife and spent good 10 days there – enjoying beachlife and discovering the island.

New opportunities arose, I got a chance to start working on a few amazing projects, in the field of Nutrition. Besides learning new skills, I also got to meet many amazing people who became my friends.

Summer was quite busy, I worked in Ljubljana and in Bled as well, so travel wise summer vacation consisted of a few short getaways to Croatia, where we had a lot of fun, actually. One time we went camping for a few days and regarding the fact how last minute those trips were, they turned out amazing.

We hiked quite a lot, more than in previous years which was great. Thanks to my boyfriend who always pushes my boundaries further than I normally would, I have learnt not to give up so quickly!

Another amazing trip was to Dolomites where we hiked and slept in the cutest cottage. We extended our roadtrip to Lago di Como, to Switzerland, visited Lichtenstein and then returned home. This trip was another big highlight of the year for sure!

In 2018 I got a chance to fly with A380 for the first time, flying to United Stated where I spent the majority of November. First I enjoyed the tropical life in Miami, watched aligators in Everglades, got some vitamin D, experienced the Miami Beach night life etc. After that tropical retreat another big wish of mine came true.

I have always wanted to be in USA during the Thanksgiving holidays, and this year I finally did it. We flew to Tennessee where we experienced the whole pre-Thanksgiving charade. It was really speacial experience, something I will always remember.

We ended 2018 with a pre-Christmas trip to Vienna. This was our last trip of this year , but definitely not least.

I can honestly say 2018 was really rich, rich with travelling, doing what I really love, I let myself “live”and experience things. It was much more than just “another year” and looking back I can say I took pleasure in things.


I remember in last year’s post “Best of 2017” I wrote my New year’s resolution is to travel more. I can honestly say I fulfilled it. I also wrote I want to be more persistent with blogging. Was I? You tell me. I would say I was. Posts came out quite frequently, I got more followers to my blog and even got interviewed as an author of Travel blog.


Well, would it count if I repeat last year’ s resolution haha? Besides travelling, I feel like a few changes are about to happen this year. Besides that, my goal is to finish my Master’s thesis and get a degree.

Smaller resolutions I really want to achieve are:

  • read more books,
  • be thankful for the things that seem so self-evident
  • write more food- themed posts (the one you asked for coming very soon hint hint)
  • learn Spanish
  • reduce plastic usage
  • love and live with passion (even more)

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