Since it has been a while we have travelled together, just the two of us, we decided to end this year with a nice city break, put ourselves in “December” mood, visit Christmas markets and have a good time.

As funny as it sounds, we were both a bit sick of planes, airports and everything that comes with it, so we really wanted to go somewhere that is within a driving distance, we decided to visit Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Vienna, was our first “December” getaway, 6 years ago and we thought it was time to make some new memories there.

We have both been to Vienna a couple of times before and have seen it all, at least all of the main attractions. That’s why this trip was more about taking it slow, enjoy Christmas time, go to cafés , see Christmas lights, markets etc., rather than go sightseeing. We did a bit of sightseeing, but we left out a few main attractions like Schönbrunn, this time.

The best thing about this trip was the fact that we had plenty of time, so there was no rush whatsoever. We could just sat in a café , sipping our coffees, having deep talks, watching people passing by the window. (When I mentioned sipping our coffees, it was just me sipping the real coffe, my better half is not a coffee lover, which is sometimes really annoying, because he does not get the “I need coffee now” phase. Ok, I’m off topic now haha).

That kinds of trips are becoming more and more important to me. Kinds of trips where you don’t rush to see everything, where you don’t have a specific itinerary, where you just go with the flow. I try to do that as frequently as possible, of course it’s easier to do it in a place you have been to and seen it before. But this gives me a certain feeling of freedom, to be somewhere abroad and not doing many touristy stuff, but doing things you would normally do at home instead – for example on weekends – walk around, go to a park, go for a breakfast/coffee, find some interesting shops etc.

Every day we have visited at least one Christmas Market and at the end I can honestly say we kind of overdosed on Christmas markets haha. But that really put us in festive mood, because there was no snow. Except that one time I wished for it and two hours later snowflakes started to fall from the sky. Unfortunately it stopped snowing in a few minutes so you can imagine there was no result.

It was a nice city break, we had a really good time so once again I can say that last minute trips never disappoint!

This was our last trip of 2018, now we are ready for Christmas vacation at home. We will spend it with our families, as per usual. We have never travelled for Christmas just because we think this is the time to stop for a bit, to spend time with your loved ones, eat good food and reflect on the past year.

With all those sales and giveaways that are going on right now we should remember one thing: Christmas is not the time to spend your money on some meaningless gifts, it is time to be thankful for everything that you have and to let your loved ones know you love them and enjoy spending time with them.

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