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Trip to a beautiful natural Reserve – Zelenci

For the last week or so, the weather has been really good to us. It’s been cold but we have a chance to enjoy the sun almost every day. December is one of my favourite months and when it comes to Christmas I am always way too excited for everything that comes with it.

On the first of December I start to feel christmasy and nothing can beat that. Even though we are almost half way through December, there’s still no sign of snow. Usually I like snow because it deffinitely plays a role in my “happy December mood”. God, I’m being really cheesy, but that’s just how I feel. I told you I’m way too excited (for my age haha) when December starts.

If I get to the point, even though there is no snow I ‘ve been enjoying this December a lot. I have no schoolwork so when I get home from my classes, I am basically free. And that also means free weekends!

This weekend me and my boyfriend decided to spent some time out in the sun so we drove to the beautiful natural reserve Zelenci. We had a nice walk, took some pictures and deffinitely got some vitamin D.










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