Oak Alley Plantation

This is a part taken from my diary ( 28th July, 2016):

In summer 2009 me and my family travelled to the USA and ended up doing the longest road trip we ever did. It took us one month and we drove from (excluding all smaller towns and villages we visited and passed through, of course): Houston (TX) – New Orleans (LA)- Dallas (TX) – Santa Fe (NM) – Colorado Springs (CO) – Aspen (CO)- Salt Lake City (UT) – San Francisco (CA) – Los Angeles (CA), and you can only imagine how many thousand miles we drove. 

I was sixten at the time. After a few days spent in Houston where we were visiting our friends, we finally started our road trip, and our next destination was New Orleans. Our plan was to visit a beautiful plantation, called Oak Alley Plantation. It was only 50-something miles out of New Orleans, so no big deal. 

Long story short, I visited this plantation for the first time when I was 16. I remember I moved away from my parents for a little while, because I wanted to be alone. I remember walking on the path, looking at all of the majestic oaks and thinking “The next time I come here, I want to come with my boyfriend, if I have one. I wish in my twenties I’ll have a boyfriend who will also love to travel. I wish we will be able to come here together and travel across the USA.”

Me and my dad at Oak Alley Plantation , july 2009.
July 2009

 And now, exactly 7 years later, I am visiting Oak Alley Plantation for the second time. I am walking on the exact same path I did 7 years ago. Everything looks just as I remembered, but I am different. Now I am 23, more grown up, more self-confident, with different life goals, different life perspective. There is only one thing that stayed the same – a wish that in my twenties I won’t be travelling only with my family or friends, but  with my boyfriend. I wanted to travel as a couple. 

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July 2016

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2016-07-27 10.10.47 1.jpg

Now in 2016 I am walking through Oak Alley Plantation hand in hand with my boyfriend. And the only thing I can think now is “Is this really happening?”



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