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Tourists in our hometown

We had no plans for this past sunday so we decided to go somewhere and spend a nice sunday tohether. None of us felt like driving somewhere too far and the weather wasn’t very promising either. So we ended up staying in Ljubljana, pretending we are here on a vacation.

We left our apartment and walked all the way to park Tivoli, where we grabbed a coffee at the Café situated in the middle of the park. Despite the fact that we don’t go there very often, the surrounding and the atmosphere there are so different it wasn’t hard to pretend we’re somewhere on vacation.




While we drank our coffee the sun came out and the weather suddenly became very pleasant. We took a walk through beautiful blooming gardens and end up visiting botanical gardens as well.





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This day turned out pretty awesome and we really felt like we are exploring a city we’ve never been to before.

Our favourite thing to do is to travel and we are the happiest when we get a chance to go somewhere, and we do realize that is a big privilege. We never take travelling for granted. But on the other hand we know it’s not so important where you are, but who you are with.

You make your own happiness and it’s your mindset and the things you appreciate, that make your day.

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