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    Tourists in our hometown

    We had no plans for this past sunday so we decided to go somewhere and spend a nice sunday tohether. None of us felt like driving somewhere too far and the weather wasn’t very promising either. So we ended up staying in Ljubljana, pretending we are here on a vacation. We left our apartment and walked all the way to park Tivoli, where we grabbed a coffee at the Café situated in the middle of the park. Despite the fact that we don’t go there very often, the surrounding and the atmosphere there are so different it wasn’t hard to pretend we’re somewhere on vacation. While we drank our coffee the sun came…

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    USA diaries : Miami Beach

    Even though we visited United States last september, I thought I would make a post about our trip. Plane tickets were a birthday gift from my better half. He told me he made a reservation almost two months before my birthday and couldn’t wait for my birthday to come. When the day when I turned 22 finally came, he gave me an envelope with plane tickets in it. It was official – we are going to Florida! You can imagine what my reaction was like – emotional rollercoaster. Florida has been on my bucket list for quite some time. This has been my third time going to United States but I…

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    Tuscany diaries: Heading up North

    After five days spent in the heart of Tuscany, beneath green hills, vineyards and authentic villages, we packed our bags and headed up North. After a two hour drive our first stop was Pisa. Everytime we visit Pisa, we get the same impression. At least for us Pisa is quite hideous city with the majestic architecture. As soon as you find a parking spot (you need to be lucky and have a lot of patience), you have to deal with Africans and other refugees trying to sell you things like bracelets etc. At first they play it nice, but as soon as they realize you are not going to buy anything from…